Incredible Edible Milbridge Gardens at Milbridge Commons

How did the idea for Milbridge Commons come about?

The Women’s Health Resource Library was looking for more Incredible Edible garden space.  Incredible Edible has been so successful and we wanted to build on that success with even more veggies and possibly some fruit trees.  Feedback from the community informed our decision to include walking trails [1] and a children’s play area [2]; both elements will be constructed during Phase One of this project.

Milbridge Commons will significantly expand our IEM garden space, increasing our annual harvest from 3,000 to 6,000 pounds of produce.
All the organic produce will continue to be free to everyone. Incredible Edible is about food security and generating a community conversation about good nutrition.

The additional gardens will also allow us to expand our partnership with the Milbridge Elementary School, providing rich experiential outdoor learning opportunities to local children. It will provide additional space for gardening workshops to anyone interested in starting a home garden or sharpening their gardening skills.