Sasha Alsop
Barbara & Elton Anderson
Gerald Allan Anderson
Barbara Antunes
Anne Arey
Anne Arnold
Carl and Ora Aselton
Emily Ashby
Kristen Barbee
Henry and Sue Bass
Jean Beckley
Hannah Bennett
Susan Jordan Bennett
Richard Bondurant
Rita Buddemeyer
JT Bullitt
Laura Byther
Patrick Carroll
Jean Chester
Ann Commito
Carol Darbyshire
The DeChiara Family
Laura Doble
Ruth Feldman
Ed and Jane Flanagan
Constance and Frederick Glore
Nicole Graham
Joanne and Will Halpin
Gay & Joe Haroutunian
Wendy and Charlie Harrington
Emily and Tom Haslet
MaryEllen and Tom Tetreau
Kathleen Hart
Leonore Hildebrandt
Patricia Holt
Barbara Hope
Barbara Jensen
Rhonda Keller
Chris Kuhni
Marion LaFollette
Susan Lassen
Bary and Kip Latzko
Sandi Leckfeldt
Bruce and Sally Leighton
Elizabeth Leighton
Janis Lesbines
George and Jamie Lizotte
Cathleen London
Kim Look
Karen Mabus
Marcy MacMahon
Thomas Massey
Ellen Sottery McCarty
Kevin and Nancy McGinnis
Andy and Fran Meade
Cathy Melio
Donna Merkel
Janet Migneault
Dick Miles and Susan Hammond Miles
Gail Moorhouse
Jamie Moorhouse
Carol Morrison
Steve and Janet Morrison
Diane Myles
Zabet NeuCollins
Beverly Nichols
Velma Orcutt
Roy Palmer (in-kind)
Pleasant River Garden Club
Macie Patrick
Ramona Phinney
Debra Pinkham
Suzen Polk-Hoffses
Lynne Porter
Pat Portrie
Martha Resotko
Marion Robbins
Ellen and Nolan Rossi
Cindy Rummery
Nancy Saunders
Ineke Schair
LeeLee and John Schlegal
Nikki and Trey Shaw
Craig and Barbara Snapp
Jean Sirois
Janie Snider
Mary Spence
Rebecca Strott
Ellen Strout
Jane Talcott
Maryellen and Thomas Tetreau
Gail Tooker
Velma Orcutt
James Otis and Deanna Valente
Jane Warren
Betsy and Gary Willey
Deirdre Whitehead
Multiple Anonymous Donor(s)
An amazing number of collective community donations


Betterment Foundation
Davis Conservation Foundation
Doree Taylor Charitable Foundation
Downeast Arts Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
Hudson Foundation
Jane’s Trust
Maine Community Foundation
Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund
Sadie & Harry Davis Foundation
Scotts Foundation
Elmina B. Sewell Foundation
Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation
Quimby Family Foundation

Orchard Tree Donations

Patrick Carroll
Kim Dube in memory of Joshua Dube
Janet Jordan in memory of Sonja D. Sawyer
Kevin and Nancy McGinnis in memory of Zap
Maeve Perry in memory of Bonnie (Look) Sproul and Ric Perry
Brittany Ray in memory of Winnie Bradbury and Ivan Ray
Kathy Nabarrete in memory of the Nabarrete Grandparents
Jim and Beth Stark
Carol Zimmerman in memory of Elaine and Carleton Hill


Bar Harbor Bank & Trust
Gordon Kelley (in-kind)
Machias Savings Bank
McMullen Landscape (in-kind)
Milbridge United Methodist Church
Tom Hitchins Architecture
Worcester Peat (in-kind)
Wyman’s of Maine

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