The Milbridge Commons Walking Trail is now open for public use.
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Milbridge Commons

A Collaborative Project Between the Women’s Health Resource Library
and Maine Coast Heritage Trust

Imagine this.  You are in downtown Milbridge.  But a quick walk transports you to a place of natural splendor, serenity and a sense of remoteness.  You have arrived at Milbridge Commons, where you are instantly connected to nature via the sweeping views of Narraguagus Bay, winding walking trails that follow the curve of the land, and in summer months, bountiful gardens, lush with organic vegetables.

The Women’s Health Resource Library has collaborated with Maine Coast Heritage Trust to make this vision a reality. Together we have created a community space at Milbridge Commons that will transform the health and vitality of our modest village.

Children’s Playground has reached its goal!

We continue to fundraise for long-term maintenance of the park. Please consider making a donation today!

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Milbridge Commons

A community park and garden – construction beginning Fall 2017.